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A Bit About Stryker

The origins of Stryker Breaks dates back to 1989-1990. I remember buying my first pack of cards at the local grocery store. It was 1990 Nba Hoops. My Detroit Pistons were in the midst of winning back to back championships and Jordan was becoming the face of the NBA. I LOVED basketball. I remember the joy of buying a pack in the card shop, and the euphoria of getting a box cards for Christmas. 1990 was also a memorable year for me with cards because I branched out into baseball cards, and the 1990 design is very nostalgic. The Frank Thomas RC and the Griffey cup card stand out.

My collecting peaked in the mid 90's and fizzled out around 1997. Throughout the years I would pick up a pack or retail box from time to time and there was always an intrigue and a pull back to cards.


I had been diving deep into baseball statistics since the late 90's because of  fantasy baseball on Sandbox. My Sandbox fantasy baseball love drove me to Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, Basketball and Football. The season long fantasy scene fueled an interest in Daily Fantasy Sports on Draft Kings and FanDuel and upped the research level and commitment to Baseball especially .


The Ohtani craze pulled me back to the hobby in 2018, and I started breaking personal cases with 2019 Series 1. The knowledge of baseball statistics helped me to understand why player values rose and fell in the DFS world, and I found that it correlated with baseball card prices as well. Enter Stryker Breaks.


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