2019 Topps Tatis X New Sealed Box

10 Cards per Pack. 1:2.5 chance per pack for an autograph or relic card!

1:2 chance per pack for a parallel card!

23 is a special number for MLB superstar Fernando Tatis Jr., so when he sat down with Topps in Summer 2019 for a collaborative meeting, he knew exactly what he would name his trading card set. 0.23 was curated and designed by Tatis Jr. and focuses on 23 players that encompass the quintessential style and swag that inspired Fernando throughout his baseball life, along with three other fun sub-collections. 


0.23 contains 50 trading cards. Collect them all!:


•   (23) Style and Swag

•   (15) Dominican Republic

•   (5) Mochalo - Best Celebrations

•   (7) El Nino - Top Nicknames

•   Look for Tatis Relics and MLB® Player Auto's!


Tatis Jr. relics will only include the items below:

Batting Glove